About our services

Corporate consulting

  • Management consulting
  • Organisational consulting
  • Management control, accounting systems
  • Business plan
  • Buying and selling companies
  • Administrative management
  • We can help you achieve your objectives


  • Advice on all aspects of Swiss tax law
  • Planning and restructuring (companies and individuals)
  • Representation and negotiations with tax and social authorities
  • Advice on VAT-related legislation
  • Compiling periodic accounts
  • Compiling tax declarations and other formalities
  • Tax audits, tax claims and appeals
  • Contrôle des taxations, réclamation et recours éventuels
  • Personalised advice
  • Calculation of tax burdens
  • Examination of potential for tax relief
  • Company management


  • Accounting services and company closure consulting
  • Payroll management
  • Financial budgeting and planning
  • Dashboards for efficient management
  • Company evaluations
  • Provision of temporary staff for administrative, accounting and IT-related tasks


We will provide you with targeted analyses and verification and produce proposals that will allow the company to develop its forecasts and objectives.

  • Auditing and legal review body for companies
  • Economic expertise
  • Advice in financial and economic matters
  • Company evaluations
  • Establishment and liquidation of companies
  • Consolidations